Fruit Flush Diet

If you’re looking to lose weight, but you don’t want to take potentially harmful herbs or diet supplements, the fruit flush diet may work for your needs. The fruit flush diet was designed to be done after the winter holiday season, in order to flush out all of the toxins that accumulated during endless feasts on turkey, stuffing, pies, cakes, and cookies. However, the fruit flush diet can be done at any time of year in order to provide a boost to your metabolism and help you get a jump start on your weight loss.

Fruit Flush Diet Pre-Flush

The fruit flush diet starts with one day of pre-flush activities. On the first day of the diet, you drink protein mix once every two hours. Your meals consist of three to six cups of raw vegetables and three to six ounces of lean meat at 6:00 p.m. You should drink a glass of water one hour after every protein drink or meal you ingest.

Fruit Flush Diet Detox

The second and third days of the fruit flush diet are intended to detoxify your body. On this diet, you would eat a serving of fruit every two hours throughout the day. At 6:00 in the evening, you should also eat one serving of raw vegetables and drink a protein mix.

Fruit Flush Diet Premise

The fruit flush diet was designed around the detoxifying and healing properties of fresh fruits and vegetables. By eating many servings of fruit during the detoxification period, you are taking in a lot of fiber and antioxidants without ingesting a lot of sodium or fat. If you’re on a renal diet, the fruit flush diet is ideal because it is also low in potassium. The fruit flush diet does not rely on supplements or laxatives to help you lose weight, so it is safer than most diet plans available.

Fruit Flush Diet Choices

There are many fruits that you can eat as a part of the fruit flush diet. Each of them has a lot of nutritional benefits and can help you to lose weight. Apples are an excellent source of fiber, which can help you to feel full and cut back on snacking between meals. Citrus fruits such as oranges are excellent sources of vitamin C, which can help strengthen your immune system and recover more quickly from an illness like the common cold. Watermelon is very filling because it is packed with water, so eating this fruit as a part of the fruit flush diet can help you to feel full longer. Other fruits to try include bananas, peaches, pears, grapes, plums, strawberries, and blueberries.

Fruit Flush Diet Benefits

There are many benefits to using the fruit flush diet in your life. One of the major benefits of this diet is that you will be ingesting excellent sources of vitamins and minerals. These vitamins and minerals can give you more energy and help you to fight disease. Fruit is low in calories and has only natural sugars, so using the fruit flush diet can help you to reduce your weight. The creator of the fruit flush diet claims that you can lose up to nine pounds in just three days. Another benefit of using the fruit flush diet is that you don’t have to buy expensive supplements that may be harmful to your health.

Fruit Flush Diet Drawbacks

While the fruit flush diet does have its good points, there are also some drawbacks, just like with any other diet. If you have kidney disease, you need to discuss this diet with your doctor before becoming a participant. Most kidney patients need to restrict the amount of protein they eat or drink, so drinking the protein shakes on the fruit flush diet can be harmful. Since the diet is very low in calories, it is not a diet that can be maintained for several months or years. You may feel hungry while doing the diet since you are severely limiting your caloric intake.

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