Different Ottoman Bed Styles

There are several factors that give the ottoman a leg up on its competition for functionality. You might consider a futon or sleeper sofa their next closest ‘cousins’ and you’d be right. However, there are some aspects to the ottoman bed that you might be more interested in.

Because of their size, the ottoman is made to fold out into a twin or single mattress. When folded, they make for a great, over-sized foot rest (ie. ottoman). They can be used for extra seating and even as a table for snacks and other appetizers during a party. Most ottomans have large casters on the base for easy transport around a room. No matter if you’ve got your eye on one for storage or as a bed, when folded they can serve you in a variety of ways.
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A leather ottoman can be a great choice for a room that has a handsome or masculine appearance – or you want it to. Most types of decor, from modern, to contemporary or classic can support the use of a material like leather. Plus, with the colors and dyes that leather is available in now, this isn’t an issue.

As we’ve been discussing, there is another type of ottoman that can be used for storage purposes. This particular one doesn’t have the bed that folds out, but does have a large space that can hold a variety of items. Pillows, remote controls, magazines and other items that you use daily but perhaps don’t want to have in site are all great items to stow away. The lid is strong enough to sit on as well in a quality model.

Prices for a typical ottoman range from around $150-250 USD. This would depend on the manufacturer and the type of cover you select. Leather will often cost more than a cotton one. When opened into a bed, it will measure approximately 76L” x 30W” x 14H”. The folded or storage type of ottoman will measure at about 30W” x 25D” x 18″H. These ottoman bed or storage pieces will make a great addition to your space.

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