Baby Acne Causes

In new born babies, baby acne is quite common. During pregnancy, mother faces some hormonal changes which arouse oil glands on the skin of the baby. The very first symptom found on the baby’s skin due to acne is the rough and red skin. The main cause of the baby acne is the transmission of hormones from the mother to the baby, all the way through the placenta, more info on ahmed omarjee website. In some cases these hormones can also be passed to the baby through mother’s milk. Instead of several research and studies the cause of acne in babies is not very clear. Baby boys are more targeted by acne than baby girls.

As after the baby boy’s birth the baby’s skin gets the reaction due to the imbalance of male and female hormones in the baby’s structure following extraction of maternal estrogens after delivery. This can be experienced by the baby only till four to six months. Chances of getting infected by acne increases if your son is hot or finicky, or when his skin not unprovoked. It also increases if the baby is not cleaned regularly. Cleaning the baby with warm water decreases the amount of oil and hence the chances of acne infection.

Some of the very common symptoms found in babies are: Most of the times, red and fleshy pimples occurs on the cheeks while sometimes chin and forehead is also affected. Also in some of the cases babies back is also infected along with the face. One cannot do much in order to avoid the occurrence of baby acne. However make sure that the baby stays clean the whole day. You can wash their face with warm water in order to maintain hygiene and prevent baby acne. Baby acne occurs due to the presence of maternal hormones in the baby’s body. These hormones trigger the outbreak of acne like rashes on the cheeks, forehead and chin. Baby acne is not serious and usually resolves on its own as the maternal hormones get degraded. The condition should disappear within a few weeks. Baby acne is common among babies and the condition usually resolves on its own in a matter of a few weeks or months. The main thing to remember is that baby’s skin must be kept clean. Clean baby’s skin with a gentle baby soap and warm water.

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