A healthy diet for losing weight without taking buckets of supplements

Low Carb Diet VS. Balanced Diet

A healthy diet for losing weight is about making permanent changes to your bodyfat levels. Using low carb diet tactics can help you shed a few quick pounds, but it’s mainly fluid loss. You’ll experience gaining it back once you resume your normal eating again.
Many of the weight loss programs out there are low carb diet plans.

For a low carb diet to work long term, you’ll need to continue that type of eating indefinitely. To me, it’s neither realistic nor something I care to do. The reason is…there’s a better approach.

A healthy diet for losing weight requires a balanced approach. Protein, carbohydrates and fats are all important to losing weight and keeping it off. You just have to know how to put it together to be successful.

Cutting out or limiting certain staple food groups will invariably lead to deficiencies in certain nutrients. It’s been shown that certain nutrient deficiencies can hinder your weight loss efforts. Taking a balanced approach to your eating were you include lots of:



Whole Grains

Lean Meats

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Low Fat Dairy Products

to your diet, is the best approach. Not only are these foods packed full of vital nutrients, but they take far less of a toll on your body’s digestive system than any processed food.

A modified raw diet would be ideal. A raw diet is basically a way of eating that uses nothing but foods in their most raw state. Although not very practical for most of us, taking in foods that are less processed and less exposed to heat is always a good thing.
My quick breakdown of a healthy eating plan would look something like this.

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